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              Artificial Wood PLT  covers a wide range of composite products ranging from celling strips to wall cladding, deck floor, edging boards, timber fencing, timber bench, timber table. We've been operating in the market for more than 10 years... Through our years or continual development, Artificial Wood PLT now has the widest range of composite decking and ceilings products to meet all our customer's requirement, we offer more than just choices but a series of customizable solutions!



 Accessores By RT WOOD


  1. Fastener clip with 5mm gap.

  2. Stainless steel screw Matched with Powder Coat Brown / Black Head.

  3. Stainless Steel Start/End Clip.

  4. Wall Cladding Aluminium Clip.

  5. Aluminium L angle.

  6. All Kind of Various type of stainless steel screw.









Encapsulated protective layer - Real wood appearance and "feel"

- Homogenous wood grain in natural random texture

- High slip resistance

- Water resistant Chlorine & salt water resistant

- Anti fungus

- Stable in colour

- Stain resistant to food and beverage items

- Cleaning by using household floor Detergent

Vinyl based WPC

- High flame retardancy 

- High impact strength as well as solid deck

- Non degradable

- Termite resistant

- Eco friendly & recyclable