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 Creative & high quality






  1. On the back of years of collective experience, We only provide you with the Quality and Premier products.

  2. We will provide you an Technical Sales Person to check on the quality during installation. 

  3. The handwork are meticulous, beautiful and Long Lasting USE. One-time installation is our philosophy.

  4. We have exclusive accessories.

  5. Due to several models of artificial wood in the market, we haveon site consultancy on your design concept eg, what kind of wood types are suitable, and which are not, we will avoid you to use it. This will reduce risk after you purchased.

  6. We specialized on Rooftop and Podium design. Protect your waterproof layer is our 1st priority. Exclusive skills make us not failed.

  7. Solve all the problems that bother you during construction with technically and experiencing..

  8. The most advanced power tools to be use for ensure screw tightening. This is to warranty your safety while you are using on the wood.

What we do?



             RT WOOD's unique technology can meet the needs of a variety of specifications, sizes, shapes, thicknesses, etc. This also includes providing high-quality products with a variety of designs, colors and wood grains, without  painting, and reducing subsequent processing costs.

 "modern woodwork,use rt wood definitely good" 

         We had taken a few steps further to make our products a better alternative to natural wood; with benefits and features like termite resistance, water resistance, easy maintenance, and a pre-finished surface that carries aesthetics the same way a natural wood does - less the need for painting or varnishing, as well as resistances to fungal, algae or mould growth Artificial Wood PLT products will be your perfect material of choice for all your indoor or outdoor applications needs.

“ rtwood eliminates the problems in the woodworking process for you.“  

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        " Prevent Trees From Being Cut Down "