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Unique Technology of RT WOOD


 1.We use Stainless Steel of 304 and 410 grade only for all   

types of screws.

 2.We consult you that the Series of WPC to match your site needs.

 3.We will protect your water proof layer when your area is at Podium, Rooftop or Balcony with our technical Team.

 4.We use advanced equipment to serve you.

5.Easy to maintain, no coloring required. Just mopping and cleaning. Anti -insect and antibacterial, rich in color.


       "There are so many advantages,

                so you have no reason to reject it."


Outdoor Timber Deck, styles for selection to meet more requirments.

Indoor and Outdoor Timber Ceiling

Timber Fencing and Fish Pond Filter Cover

RT WOOD Edge Board Ending Coverage


  We proven that the outdoor composite wood will have shrink and expansion, so the beauty of edge board plays very important role to prevent it to be kick out by the deck, and of course screw hidden also a big challenging to us. As per experienced gain from the construction site, Now we are proudly solved this issue. 

   We care about our Future Generations, The Future is about Plastics Recycling, so please choose our recycle products from us. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Once again, RT WOOD slogan says it all " Prevent Trees From Being Cut Down".

Aluminium(black colour)/ Stainless Steel Batten Support

Milwaukee Auto Impact Driver to prevent screw lose.

Site progress photo record and quality check daily